Out and About

 So, for my birthday my kids got a bike for me. I asked a million times and they listened. Of course, it was to their benefit because now I will take them on bike rides.  On the first cool night this week I took three of them out.  Three kids was a lot to take out by myself on the streets.  They all bike at different paces, so it was hard to keep track of them.
And then there was little boo-boo head (aka Judah).  He almost killed me a dozen times.  He couldn't go very fast (he didn't get much bike practice at our old house because of the soft sand) so I stayed behind with him.  You can see in the picture how far up the other kids are.  Well, he kept on stopping and I would almost plow into him or he would focus on something on the side of the road and steer into me or oncoming traffic.  It was a bit of a frightful scene. We turned around 1/2 way to my original destination...which I am glad I did because Judah's little legs got really tired.
Though I probably got a few more gray hairs that night, it was worth every minute.  I loved being out with the kids.  Free entertainment and lots of memories being made.


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