Watch Out 37!!!!

Today is my day.  My favorite day of the year! It's my birthday.  Though I don't like the number I am is it possible that I am 37...I am so blessed and excited for life!  This past year has been ONE of the best years of my life.  I can't remember having a better year.  I am so excited for the future and I am truly experiencing freedom.
This is the first year in my life that I am no longer being controlled by food.  That feeling is awesome.  I am in the best physical condition that I have ever been in.  I found a new passion...running.  Never thought I would be a runner, but I am loving it.  And I love how it makes me feel.
God told us that we were entering a new season...and He has been so right.  It's been an incredible start and I am ready to push forward and see what He has for us.  So, Happy Birthday to ME!


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