Chicken Noodle Soup

So, this winter has been unusually crazy. The fall was very warm and we ran our air most of the time. Which is sad, because we like a break in the electric bill and fall is my favorite season. We did go to NC for peak fall foliage, which was a much needed break, but of course we had to come back to near 90 degree temps down here. Anyway, the winter has been haphazard, or bipolar. My friends kids were swimming in their pool this past Saturday and today the high is expected to be 51. Which may not be cold for you folks up north, but that's cold here in Florida. And for anyone who has come down here from the north, they say we have a really raw cold down here...different than up north.
A few days ago, Esther told me that she loves chicken noodle soup...which I have never made surprisingly. When I was making my grocery list I put it down for one of our dinners. And when I saw how cold it was supposed to be today I put it down for today's dinner. Last night I did all the prep work for it. I cooked chicken in the crock pot all day and then sliced up the yummy veggies. Can't wait. And I am loving this beautiful weather. I definitely need more cold days. Maybe the latter part of the winter will be cold for us. My air conditioning needs a break :)


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