It's Raining

The rain is coming down so nicely outside. I have the windows open and it's a touch bit too humid for me...but I don't mind because that rain outside is part of a delicious cold front. Tomorrow we are supposed to have the coldest day this season...a high of 53. Which is crazy cold for Florida. All the Floridians will have their parkas, hats and gloves on. I think it's so funny. It was cold the other day and I met this lady from Minnesota at Walmart. They had shorts It was a dead give away of where they are from. If it's cold here, the people stay inside and if they have to go out they bundle up. So, I will be enjoying my day of cool weather. Though I wish it was about 10...ok, 20 degrees cooler.
       I had a week of cleaning planned and I finished today. My windows actually got clean. I love times like this. I am such a goal oriented person, so I do well with lists. Give me a list and I will finish it. I will mark everything off. I am that type of person. So, we start school on Monday and we will be back to the grind. The school year has been going really well and I have enjoyed it. The kids have worked hard and got all that they need to do done. I like that. Once again, give me a goal and I will get it done. Anyway, did you have anything planned special for this week of New Year?


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