Half Marathon 1/5/14

Well, after 12 weeks of training we participated in a half marathon yesterday. The training seemed to go by so fast and all of a sudden the race was upon us.  Esther trained for the 5k that happened at the same time as the half marathon yesterday. She hopes to do a 10k this year also, so we will be continuing with the training. We were out there at 7 in the morning...ready to start. The race is small, so there were only a few hundred participants. My family came out to see us run, which made the kids happy and for me too.
     The race was an out and back run...6.5 miles each way. The out way went really well and I stayed on pace. I was the slowest in the race, but that's okay. My husband reminded me that I wasn't racing them, but my old self. On the way back, it was a downhill slope for me. I train in the morning, before the sun gets too hot and demanding. This race started at 8:00...so it was sunny all the way. It was forecasted to be cloudy all morning, but I guess the weather didn't watch the report. The way back was soooo hard because of the sun. I was getting slower and slower because I was getting dehydrated. I had a huge cramp in my left calf because of it. But, it didn't matter because I finished. Though it seemed like forever I completed the task. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it brought complete satisfaction to me. By the end of the morning I was totally exhausted. My body hurt in places that I didn't know could hurt. Goodness!
     It was a fabulous day. I am so glad that I did it. It was a bit of a fear that I had. Afraid of long distances. Afraid of having to run that long. Afraid that I would fail.  So, what do I do now? I am planning on working on getting faster. That is my next big hurdle. I am way too slow and if I want to run for a long time I need to get faster. I need to find a training schedule to do that and see how far I can go. Thanks to those who prayed for me, encouraged me and kept me going. Those long runs were hard and made me push my limits.


Superhero Mom said…
I love that...you raced the old you! Congratulations! Everyone that knows you is SUPER super proud of you!

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