I am posting the picture of some of the kids from the other night when we went over to another friends' house who also is doing the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. We were beginning to study China and Japan this week, and she was making Chinese dumplings. She also lived in China for four years so she is full of knowledge about China. The kids had a great time rolling out the dough and wrapping up the dumplings. And of course, they were super delicious. Today we are finishing this week up with making almond cookies.
Not much else going on. We didn't take the day off on Monday for the federal holiday...we normally only take the day off if Matt is home. And he wasn't home, so it was school as usual. And we also take Fridays off for our local homeschool co-op, so it's hard to get all of our school work done in three days. So, I don't like taking too many days off. I have a goal to finish our school work by the last week of May and I am on target for that.
The weather has been delightfully cool. Today we actually are only having a high of 52 which is very cool for us. I am totally loving every bit of it. The fall and beginning of Winter were unseasonably warm...which made it hard for this New Yorker. I miss the cold weather so much. And summers are so hard for us when our winter is warm. The projected weather for the next ten days continues to be cool, so that makes me happy.
I have two moms who are ready for delivery...or at least their due dates are in the next 10 days. I am hoping that they don't deliver on the same day...that could make life a bit crazy. I am hoping one of them delivers a little early and then the other one a bit late. But of course I don't have much to say in this manner. I became certified as a doula a bit over a month ago...with DONA the organization for doulas. I worked hard for the certification and love being a doula. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I was able to attend a last minute birth the week before Christmas, which was totally exhilarating. Ever time I go to a birth it reminds me how much I love assisting the moms and working with them. And the sweet babies are icing on the cake.
So, what is up with you?  Anything new or exciting going on?


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