Life update

Sorry that it has been a few days since I posted. After my birthday weekend I have been super busy. But I wanted to post a few photos from that night. We went out for my favorite...Sushi...and it was scrumptious!! We had a great night with adults only and my in-laws watched the kids over night...all five of them. How wonderful was that!!! The next morning we didn't have to get anyone ready but ourselves....pure heaven. So here are some photos from that night.

Here are Barry and Sarah Bulls...with baby Addy tucked in the womb.
We met them not long after we came to Rock church, when they were engaged. We have spent many great nights together playing games on the kitchen table...and we love hanging out. And they love sushi..sounds like a perfect match!!

Here are Chris and Jen..old favorites. We have been friends for eight years and love their wisdom, peace and their love for the Lord. Not only were they such a help to us when we came to Rock Church , but they have continued to be such great friends. And I think weirdo Chris has food sticking out of his mouth!

Here are Gerard and Rhonda...Gerard is Matt's boss...we invited him for brownie joking. What a great sweet and Gerard is so funny!!!!!!!!! He has the best sense of humor...he makes me laugh so hard. We love spending time with them.

And here are Matt and I...not the best picture, but I thought I would add it. He made my weekend extra special...with a gourmet breakfast, lots of presents and love! Can't beat that. We have been a couple since before my 19th birthday. I remember sitting with him in Biology Class (in college) on my birthday, looking at my new watch that he gave me...that's a lot of birthdays together. And we have been friends for over half of our lives...we met when we were sixteen. How wonderful God is to bring this man into my life!!!


Amanda said…
I happen to love that pic of you and your hubby. Sushi sounds good. Happy Birthday again.
Michelle said…
What a nice post. Thanks for the share!
Superhero Mom said…
Yea!! I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. May you have many many more!

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