New York New York

Did I ever tell you that I love being a New matter how long I live in Florida I still will feel a bond to New York. We had such a great time worth the long ride up there. I loved that my kids saw a different part of the country...they were amazed that there weren't any palm trees around...yes, kids, there is life beyond palm trees. Here is a snapshot of the deer that Omi (my dad's wife) feed every day. Bryn was her official helper while we were there.

Here is a picture of the house I grew up in. Matt drove us 3 hours to see my old house and town. It was so awesome seeing the house...with a bit of changes, but still the same. The windows on top were my parents bedroom windows...and one time during the winter our dog Baretta saw something out in the field and he jumped out the window and slid all the way down to the yard. Memories.

Here I am with Judah and my dad on the swing by the pond on their property. It was so peaceful to sit out there and swing.

Here I am with all the kids by the pond...I made Matt take pictures of me, since I am the one usually on the other side of the camera.

Here are the stair steps on a little playground in the Ithaca commons area. We drove about an hour to Ithaca, where Cornell University is and walked around. It wasn't too cold that day, so it was the perfect time to go.

Here we are in front of a delicatessen in Ithaca...I had a yummy Reuben (only the best in NY)...and we sat and watched the crowds. The town was kind of sleepy since it was winter break for all the colleges.

Here the kids are at the deli eating pizza on a bagel. You can see Matt and Esther in the mirror.

Here we stopped to take a picture of the landscape on the way to Ithaca. It was so breathtaking.

I had to put in a sweet picture of my baby his new hat. He wore that all over the place and it has been out and about in our house since we got back. Gotta love NY!

Tomorrow I will end the pictures with snapshots of the snow...there were just too many, so it must have it's own day!


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