3600 miles later

So that was one of the longest trips that I have ever been on...10 days gone, 3600 miles all together...five loud children...and a thousands hours of movies played on the DVD player (LOL). I missed blogging often...keeping you up to date with our trip. So for the next few days I am going to post pictures from the past two weeks! Here is a picture of the expedition...packed to the brim...and with the x-cargo on top full!

Here are the kids and I at Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee. I graduated from Lee 10 years ago...my where has the time gone? We passed through Tennessee on the way back to visit our old hometown, old friends and to do a lot of reminiscing.

The kids walking through the campus..a typical day in Cleveland...cold and foggy!

William standing under the clock tower. I used to walk under this almost every day to class or to see Matt in his dorm room. Seems weird that one of our kids is standing there...who ever knew?

The kids and Matt sitting under the gazebo on campus...it is a common place for students to hang out. They had a great time seeing where we lived and all of the things we used to do.

After our trip to TN, we went to visit some friends in north Georgia before heading back down to Florida. Keep watch for more pictures!


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