Blessed Monday

Well, it was a beautiful mother's day here at our house. I had breakfast made for me by Matt...followed by some beautiful presents from the family. My children have followed the example of my husband and are givers. I love that in them. They love to make each other cards and is so sweet. After church I did a little shopping with Esther and my mother-in-law. Matt and the other kids stayed home from church because they weren't feeling well. Then we went to McDonald's (clearly Esther's choice) and had a nice lunch. When I got home Matt and I went to the feed store and Home Depot by ourselves while my mom watched the kids. It was nice to just chat in the car and be by ourselves. Then when we came home, Matt hooked up my mom's cable in her new part of the house and did all the shelves in her closet. It was wonderful to see Matt honor my mom too on Mother's Day. I puttered around the yard with the animals...which is totally relaxing and fun for me. Then my brother came unexpectedly by...and we got to sit and chat with my mom for awhile. Matt ended everything by a wonderful roast, potatoes, carrots and fresh biscuits. Bryn cleaned everything up, then my dad and his wife stopped by for a few minutes. It was such a lovely day. I got to do everything I wanted. Just being around my family was perfect. My first image of what I wanted to do was sleep all day in my room and be by myself for a break...but I clearly got the break I needed by just being with my fabulous husband and all of my family. God is good!


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