Post Partum Depression

Had some thoughts this morning about a news piece that has been out for the past few days. Maybe you read it. I was intrigued and Matt and I talked about it for a few minutes. I wonder what you think!
The basis of the article was saying that men are experiencing post partum depression. They have said for years that women experience this because of the changes in hormones that are happening in a women's system. They swing so dramatically in such a short period of time. But now they are saying that men are having the same symptoms...but they usually occur around 3-6 months after the baby is born.
When Matt and I were talking about it the other day we were wondering whatever happened to men just having to adjust to a change in life? Why do we have to label everything with a syndrome? Having a baby is a huge deal, especially for men! They now have the responsibility to care for, pay for and love this tiny human being. That is monumental! I am sure all men react to it in a different way. But to actually say that it is postpartum like a women deals with seems a bit far-fetched. I remember after I had my babies, I only experienced a few days of the "baby blues." I cried a lot for no reason and felt overwhelmed easily. I would go in waves for a few hours and then feel totally different the next few hours. Thankfully, that's all I felt. Considering some women have a lot more to deal with, I felt blessed. I think this is a lot different than what men experience. I believe they are just dealing with the huge life change. Probably the biggest life change that they will ever have. They have to adjust. They have to make changes. They have to step into the role that God mandated for them.
So, I normally never talk about anything controversial. I think this stemmed from a dissatisfaction with the medical community trying to "medicalize" everything. I ask for your comments. What have your experienced.


Aleatha said…
well I agree with you. I think Americans always want and "easy" way out. If there is a label to put on it then it must mean there is a "real" problem right? Well perhaps if women did what God has called them to do then men wouldn't have to be so out of their element. Perhaps that is why our men adjust and the men of America are going through "post partum". To sum it all up I think this is just another cop-out for this great nation we live in. Now that I have said my peace. lol
Stacy said…
There's something John and I have talk about in the recent years and are seeing as Pastors. I believe we are seeing a fatherless generation...
This is includes fathers who were never in the picture. Men who were raised by a single mother....and for those father's who were there, but weren't "there". I believe a lot of the things we are seeing "postpartum" is all symptoms of a "fatherless generation". We as Pastors are walking side by side some of these men and are teaching them and doing what their father's should have done :)

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