We don't have a baby anymore!

Matt had to hold Judah back while we sang Happy Birthday to him. He wanted to blow out the candles so bad!
My favorite picture of him. His face is so happy...and he looks so sweet! Gosh, I love him so much!

And I actually caught him blowing out the candles...puffy cheeks and all!

My title is just quoting what the kids have been saying for the past few days. Today, Judah turns three years old...yes, I said it...3!!!! Can't believe it! Today, we had a wonderful celebration at the beach with friends and family. Sadly, nobody brought a camera and the camera we bought had the batteries die. So, there aren't any pictures marking the event....just lots of great memories. We spent five hours at the beach...swimming, sunning and just hanging out. The kids built a million sand castles and ran from the water to our spot over and over again. What a perfect day. I am posting the pictures of him as we had a bit of cake this afternoon when we got home. We love you Judah! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!


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