Dirty Laundry

Well, these are the prevailing words in my house...DIRTY LAUNDRY!! It is everywhere...and spreading faster than the Bubonic Plague. It is amazing how much laundry this family of seven makes. The kids are actually running out of various clothes. Jammies have been worn more than normal and another day or so of this and we could be running around naked.
My washing machine has been broken for more than 10 days. We took one trip to the local laundry mat, but that just put a minor dent in the damage already done. It took four days for the repair guy to come out to tell me that it was a simple problem wrong with the computer in my washing machine. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. We bought a warranty with our LG front loader four years and 9 months ago. And according to the warranty, if the machine breaks down four times than Best Buy must replace the machine. Well, this was the fourth time. So, they came and verified it was broken. And then all the information was sent to the corporation...and then they came back on Friday night (which was way earlier than they said they would respond) and told me to go to the local Best Buy and pick out my new front loader!!! Can you believe it? The warranty was so worth the 100 dollars that we paid for it. We are three months short of the warranty running out. And this machine has been worked hard. We average 14 loads a week. So, I went to the store...picked out my new front loader (which is actually slightly bigger than my current one) and it will be delivered tomorrow. And I will christen it by doing about 20 loads of laundry. The clothes are calling out for it. And the best thing...we actually can buy a new 5 year warranty for this machine and the whole deal starts over again. Isn't God good?! So, if I don't blog for the next few days you will know that I am knee deep in....dirty laundry!


nancy said…
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Superhero Mom said…
The exciting thing is that tomorrow is today!! I'm so happy for your new addition! May she serve you well and for many years! lol! Have fun!
its summer! you all should be running around naked! our kids are always barely dressed and my machine works! save water, be naked! :->

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