First Fruit

So, I had to post the first thing we picked. Yes, I know it isn't much...but it was so exciting for Esther to pick it off the small bush and eat it. There are more to come...for the other kids. The garden has been a fun experience. I have learned so much from the whole time. I have learned about patience...wondering if anything will come forth from all this effort. And peace...there is nothing like digging in the cool dirt when you need to process some things in your head. And give so much time and effort to the little plants.
And of course, we get our first fruit. Like what we give to the Lord. Our first of everything. That is one thing I have been struggling with. Not our tithe, or offerings...that comes so easy to us. But giving the Lord more time. He deserves so much more than I offer. The treadmill of life has kept us on a path that we don't care for. We are forcing our selves off of it. Reevaluating what we are doing and what do we need to change. I am making more time for Him...because I love Him and enjoy his company. Sometimes, with five kids, farm animals, property, homeschooling, cleaning, etc it is hard to slow down. But we are expecting a huge increase in our life...and we want to hear what He has to say. So, as we step into the month of May...we are slowing down a bit and giving the Lord our first fruit!


posted at 3:56 AM??? well, other than that, we're with you!
Aleatha said…
what a great example! How true it is like our relationship with our Lord and savior. We do have to spend time even when we don't feel like we have it to give to help our fruits to come forth! Enjoy your month of MAY!

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