Look Back, Look Up, Look Out

I read this just the other day during my devotion time and it really impressed me. It was talking specifically about the Israelites and what they should have done...looked back to see what God had done for them (you know, like parting the Red Sea). Look up...to stay focused on the Master and His plan....and Look out...to keep your eye on the promised land.
This is so important for believers today. Sometimes we do all of these steps...or we pick and choose which one is the most comfortable for us at the time. But God wants us to do these all the time. Look back to see where God has taken them...all the Memorial Stones in our life. This can be such a place of encouragement and excitement. We have a tendency to quickly forget what God has done. Look up, because we need to keep our eyes focused on Him. His voice should be so clear to us, because we are His people. I want to know Him so well, that I run when He calls. And then to Look out...because God has a destiny for all of us. He has a plan for each of our lives. And how exciting to be able to walk that out and know Him and His ways.
I wasn't planning on writing about this. But it became more pivotal when we found out that a dear friend of ours, who has been a huge example in our life has made major changes in their life that do not line up with the word. I guess, they fell from their pedestal. Not that they were on a pedestal, but that it the best way to describe it. So, at this time (and hopefully always)...I am going to look back, up and out! How about you?


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