Papa and the Kids

I thought that I would post the picture from the other night of my dad and my kids. Here they are at DQ for a special treat...he had promised a trip there and they got it on the second day they were here. It's a great picture of my dad and the kids. We are enjoying him and his wife Heidi here. It has been a wonderful two years of relationship with them. We had a very long time (too long) of no communication, and I am very sorry for that. I have such a new heart and understanding of respect. It has been a word in our church and it opened my eyes to so many things. Though we don't always agree ( you know he is a democrat, so that's enough said right there)...but we still love and respect...always! And as I get older I have such a better understanding of time. And we never know how much time we live life to the fullest, love God amazingly and open the doors of our heavenly inheritance by honoring and respecting!


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