Fair 2011

Our night at the fair was last night for the Reynolds Nation...and did we have fun!!! We got there when the rides opened and stayed to the end. This was the first year that William and Esther got to ride some of the bigger rides...which was good. We learned that William is not afraid easily, and loves the excitement of each ride...just like Bryn. I just strolled around with them...standing in line...holding their sweaters that they didn't need, it never got really cool :( It was a great night for all of us...I am just thankful that it is only once a year!One of the first rides of the night...and one of the first grown up rides for William and Esther. By the end, Esther was a bit tearful, but the others loved it.

One of the my favorite moments...which Judah refused to pose for...eating their foot long corn dogs. They couldn't believe they were so big!!! But that didn't stop them from eating every bite.

We had to take turns riding the little kid rides and the adult rides. We went to the fair as a family and we stayed together as a family. The kids were patient with each other and it made a nice night.

I love William's smile on this picture. They all had such a great night. I think the kids went on every ride there...

Judah on the merry-go-round...our last ride of the night. Which was the perfect way to end a great night. His face looks so happy here...love it!

Bryn and Kelsey...friends since they were one year old. After taking the picture, Matt realized that Bryn matched the pig...haha

These two crazy kids spun this tea cup like no one else. I couldn't believe they weren't sick afterwards.

The first ride of the night...a free fall. First time Bryn went on one like this...and she loved it. She wasn't scared of any of the rides. That's Caleb on there too...having a great time.


Superhero Mom said…
Great pictures..I love the ones with the corn dogs bigger than the boys! lol!!

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