Operation Christmas Child

This year we teamed up with my husband's work place and worked with them in getting boxes together for Operation Christmas Child. This was an exciting experience getting boxes together for underprivileged children around the world for Christmas. It's hard for the kids to understand how to make a difference in another child's' life. But this is an opportunity for the kids to touch what is given, to choose it and then pray for each box.

The kids after they filled each box (doesn't Judah look a bit disgruntled). It was amazing how much fit into each box. Our family gave 10 boxes and our little town collected over 700 boxes! How awesome is that!!!!

Here we all are after our shopping trip. It was a bit overwhelming having to select over a hundred items for our boxes. The little kids had a hard time understanding that the items they were choosing were not for them...it took a bit of time to catch on. We tried to make a mixture of personal hygiene items (like toothpaste, toothbrush and soap)...along with some fun games, notepads, stickers and items that my own kids would play with.

Esther picked out two little stuffed animals...because she loves collecting them ourselves. Our prayer was that each item would be hand picked by the Lord...designated for the child it was going to.

The little kids had a blast picking out the items. Each kid picked out enough items to fill two boxes...that was a lot of stuff! This isn't the first year we have done this, and we hope to do it again. The best part is that my husband registered each box, so we will be able to track where our boxes went. Which will enable us to pray for that country and believe that our time, love and bit of money made a difference!


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