Hello Monday!

I am very ready for Monday. Yes, I know that doesn't happen often. Not really at all. I treasure my weekends. I love having Matt home. Helping me with the kids...being my team leader. I love those days. But for some reason I am ready for Monday. Maybe it's the hint of the holidays in the air. It feels pretty fantastic. My windows have been open for days. Which is quite delightful for this New Yorker. Can't stand the air conditioning pumping 24 hours a day. My kids actually complained this morning that they were cold. I laughed at them, and said, "don't worry it will be warm later."
Anyway, today we jump into Ancient Greece. I am very excited. I loved reading the Odyssey when I was younger. I loved all the excitement, and old stories. So, today we venture into that time frame. This is our last week of school before our Thanksgiving holiday. My thoughts are on menus, decorations and having Matt home for five days. And the best part is that we will take a break from school. Though I love school with the kids, it is so nice to take a break.
Yesterday was busy. I worked on Christmas presents, made rice krispie treats for the kids, and worked on our Operation Christmas Child boxes (that will be a post for later in the week). The kids seemed unusually grumpy, so we had the boys in bed nice and early...and they were fast asleep in just a few minutes. The girls stayed up with us to watch the Duggar Family's World Tour. The Duggars are our favorite...if you haven't seen them, check them out on the TLC website. They are an awesome large family (19+ kids) who are raising their kids with strong Christian values. So, we all were on the bed watching with our bowls full of popcorn. A good way to end the night. God is good. Expecting a great week ahead. How about you?


Michelle said…
I am expecting an interesting week- no idea what it holds exactly but I know my windows will be open !!! Mondays are like a fresh notebook full of a new start and fresh pages.

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