Terrific Tuesday!!

I am sitting here next to my open windows...breathing a huge relief that the weather is picture perfect today. So tired of the warm weather. There is nothing like having your windows open...and having pandora music going with some nice worship music playing.
Had a super busy day here at home. Lots of laundry washed, folded, hung up and put in drawers. School work completed, which is always a lovely thought. I then organized all the drawers of Esther's wardrobe. Every thing was quite a mess...shirts with the jammies, that kind of mess. We were able to get rid of some stuff, and reorganize. One thing I hate about Florida (and there are numerous things I hate about Florida), is when the kids drawers are shoved full of clothes needed for warm weather and cold weather...aaahhhh! It drives me crazy. You never know what the kids need each and every day. Anyway, that is completed...I was tempted to dive into the boys drawers...but I resisted since my back (which has been stressed lately) was aching already. It was giving me a sign to settle down.
I hope I am not boring you...just another busy day. Lots of little things completed and done. I love days like that. I do, of course, love being home more than anything...so this pacifiers the soul a bit. The days are always busy...not sure what I expect with five kids. Busy should be my middle name. But I know one day that busy will change and it will be different.
Well, I just pushed my kids outside. They have spent too much time inside today. Time to burn some energy. I fully believe that the boys bottle twice the amount of energy that girls do, so hopefully this will slow them down.
I almost went to the grocery store...it's time again. We have eaten all the leftovers from Thanksgiving....which was quite lovely. Last night I made a yummy pot pie with the last of the turkey (except for one bag which will be used for another pot pie or stir fry in the future). It hit the spot. So, once again my fridge is empty...have my list ready to go...now if I can only get there :)
Hope you are having a happy Tuesday...I am. Be blessed today!


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