A Piece of the Puzzle

Here is my girl, Bryn Elisabeth. Our oldest. Our first. Our beautiful girl. Who is in the midst of being a teenager. I am so glad that I don't have to live those days again...but we will have to walk five little arrows through those days. And this is our first journey. She is a delight. But she still is going through rough days, feelings of inadequacies, and the normal teenage stuff.

At youth group the other day, they had a puzzle out and they were talking about how each of them was a piece of the puzzle. No puzzle piece was the same. They each had their own characteristics. I love that comparison. No two are the same...just like us. But they were also emphasizing that without each piece the puzzle would not be complete. So, they suggested that each of them take a piece home and place it somewhere in their house that is visible. So they can remember that they are a piece of the puzzle...they are important...they are special. This is where Bryn put hers. To remember that she is God's girl. That God made her for this time, this family, and this season.

My heart is for her to come out of this time stronger than ever. To know who she is in the Lord. To know that she is loved by us. That we cherish and love her. That this Reynolds Nation Puzzle is not complete without her. We are blessed to have her piece.


Michelle said…
I love that comparison too- and always a good word for each of us to know. What a precious post this is as well, what a heart you have for your children.

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