Sunday Happenings

Lounging in my Jammie's right now. Feeling relaxed and refreshed....despite the screams I keep on hearing from my kids. They are wrestling with their dad and having so much fun. It's amazing that the kids love such rough play..and then they come crying to me when they lose the fight. Fun times!!
Had a lovely lunch with my mother-in-law and my family. It was fun to hang out, talk, laugh and eat good food. The kids were a bit rowdy...I am totally putting blame on the time change ;) Which, by the way, I love. I am such an early riser, so I appreciate the sun up early with me. One of the most hated things is to wake up in the dark. Especially when the rest of the house is still asleep.
Tonight I am headed out with my sister-in-law and going to a big sale. A little shopping always makes me happy. I also keyed in on some great clearance at Walmart this weekend. Our local Walmart is closing and moving to a new super, some great buys came my way. As the mom of five, I am always looking for the best deal.
Other than that, life is slow. I am all ready for the school week. Making my list out of what needs to be done. Oh yeah, if you read last weekend's post, I talked about not getting my room organized like I wanted to...well I was able to finish today. Still have to dust, but everything has been reorganized. Yahoo!!! It the simple things, right? Okay, so I have rambled enough. Are you bored of me yet? Have a nice night. Headed to the county fair tomorrow...the kids are so excited, so I should have some good pictures of that. Signing off now.


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