First Time For Everything

I had to take a moment and document my little joo joo bee's first day at speech therapy. Way back last summer we started the process to get him evaluated for speech. Though he is quite the talker, he drops most first consonants from his, y ame is other words, My name is Judah. Though we can understand him most of the time, it has not corrected itself, which is what we were waiting and hoping for. So, after many tests from the school district, he started speech therapy twice a week. This is a picture of him on his first day. He of course loves it...just me and him on the way and through the school. And since I don't have anything to do when he is in there for the 30 minutes, I am volunteering in my best friend's classroom for that time period. Might as well as use my time wisely, and Jessica can always use an extra hand in the classroom. So, this is the latest adventure for the Reynolds Nation. Hoping he won't have to be there very long, but it will make next year's start of Kindergarten (and reading) so much easier for me. My little man is growing up :(


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