Thursday Already?

Thinking of having a quiet Thursday. Yesterday I had my first ever, and hopefully last, root canal. That was fun! Haha! Actually it didn't hurt and except for some small pain afterwards I feel fine. But, while I was getting my root canal, my little buddy William fell splat on his face. He was sitting in the chair with his hands and feet in his shirt, lost his balance and didn't have his hands to catch him...splat...smack... face first. One ER visit, CAT scan later he is fine. Doctor thought his nose was broken, but I guess the angels kept

his face from hitting that fast. So, I am thankful. But what a full day. I was exhausted from the morning, so I took a teeny, tiny nap in the afternoon before swim team. Matt made dinner, thankfully, and then it was a quiet night. Matt, Bryn and I watched the movie "Babies." Not sure if you have ever seen it before. It was cute. No speaking. Just a simple documentary-like movie of four babies born at the same time but raised in different places on the planet. It was fascinating to see how different we all are, but live in the same time period. Check it out on Netflix if you haven't seen it. So today will be a catch up day from yesterday. One day gets me behind so easily. How is your week going?


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