Tennesee Trip Part 3

I had to post yet another picture of our beautiful surroundings. We drove up a huge mountain to get this shot. It was so breathtaking. There is just something about the mountains that bring such peace to your spirit!

We went into Gatlinburg on our second day there and visited Ripley's Tennessee Aquarium. It was very nice, considering we were so far from the ocean. I am thankful that my husband had me call ahead, because with our proof of homeschooling we were able to get in for only a 1/3 of the price. The kids had fun looking at all of the sea creatures...and they especially liked crawling through all of the tubes, so the kids could feel like they were in the water.

The gang is all here...ready to be eaten by some large animal. They all had such a great time!

They also had tubes that went straight up. William looks a bit mesmerized by Nemo!

They had this runner that you stood on and it moved you under the sea. We got to look up at Hammerhead sharks, Nurse sharks, Stingrays...it was so cool. Judah periodically would jump off and watch everything. Well, at the end of the moving platform, Judah spotted a large button. He thought it would be cool to press it. It stopped the whole runner and a large buzzer went off. I just looked at the kids and said, "keep moving kids." :0

There faces were full of wonder. Lots of questions and minds were churning. I love moments like these. Mix a bit of fun and school together at the same time.

Little boo boo bear. So cute. Here he is on the side of the mountain at the cabin. I think the high for that day was 35 degrees...so he was bundled up.


Superhero Mom said…
As I've told you in person, I have so enjoyed your vacation. Thank you for sharing photos and glimpses of what God is doing in your life. We're praying for the Reynolds Nation!!

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