Tennessee Trip Part 5 The End

One last photo...of the sunset we got to look at every night. I loved the porch...to sit on the swing or the rocking chair and just watch....aaahhh!

I had to post this picture. This was Caleb's favorite spot. He didn't like the cold weather too much...so his answer to that was to always sit in front of the fireplace. He was working on his word search that he got for Christmas.

One of our favorite days is when the Ellis family (our dearest friends ever) came to see us. They live in Asheville, North Carolina (only an hour away East) and they spent the day with us. It was awesome to hang out, to laugh, to play and just to have fun. It's so hard having them live so far away, but we will forever be friends!

I am going to end all the pictures. Hope you didn't get bored. I wanted to write down so much, so that we remembered them. Life goes by so fast, and I want to keep all these memories. After we left the cabin we headed over to Cleveland, Tennessee. Which is where I went to college, Lee University. I love this town. I love this town. Can I say it again? I love this town. It feels like home. I graduated from there...lived there for four years. So many memories. Friends are still there. Our old church is still there. This is where we thought we may move to. But God has different plans and that is okay. It's great to go back and visit. And see all the great places. It was the GREATEST vacation ever for us. When we got home, we felt so rested and refreshed. I still feel like that. It felt good. We realized that a vacation doesn't mean that you have to run around the whole time. You can just enjoy each other, relax and recharge. After this trip, I felt ready to hit 2012 head on. This is going to be a great year for the Reynolds Nation...just watch us now!


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