In the Quiet

I am sitting here in a very quiet house...strangely enough where there are seven kids and four adults. We crashed at our friends the Bevan's for two days in our old stomping grounds, Cleveland Tennessee. Our trip is coming to a close...which is a good thing. It actually didn't speed by because we really did relax and just enjoy. I am so thankful for that...this was not your high speed Disney vacation. This vacation was just what the Reynolds Nation needed. And today we are supposed to do a bit of shopping and then back to the sunshine state.
Now, most of you didn't know this...but Matt and I were seriously thinking about moving up here. We love Tennessee and this is city fits us like a glove. We have old friends here, a great church...and we LOVE Tennessee. And we really don't care for Florida...that isn't a secret. So, after our cabin days this week...we came to spy out the land in Cleveland and see what the Lord would have to say. And yesterday afternoon, Matt and I both looked at each other and said, "this isn't for us." We admitted it..which was so hard, because we really do LOVE it here. But we return today, knowing God isn't quite finished with us in Florida...and he may never be...and that is okay...because I would rather in be in the worst place in the world and in His will than in paradise and out of his will. I feel totally at peace about this. And so does we return to Florida expecting God to move in many areas of our life and to see him work.
Until then...we will be on the road again and I promise to get some pics up for you this week. It's been a blast...cheers...and here's to a fantastic 2012!!!


Michelle said…
What a wonderful reminder to keep our eyes on God and The mountains are surely soothing to my heart as well. Thanks for taking us along on your vacation. Love the cabin, and the fireplace- ah so warm and cozy.

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