End of the Week

My house is quiet...and it's ten in the morning. Such a rarity around here. The kids breezed through their schoolwork and are watching a movie. Fridays have a tendency to be lighter...spelling tests, exams, quizzes, reviews...so the time goes by faster. And then we usually do a craft and the piano lessons. So, since this week there isn't a craft, we are done until piano lessons.
It was our first week back since Christmas break. Sometimes it has a tendency to be a bit rough...adjustments after three lazy weeks are hard. But the kids did fantastic...except for a rough start reading again for my first grader, we had a really smooth week. Caleb had a fabulous week! Because of his disabilities he has a hard time making changes...that's why Monday's are hard, coming from the weekend and after holidays can be the worst. But, not this week. Yeah Caleb!!! So, our plans got changed for the weekend...so, that means we have nothing planned. Yahoo! Relax time around here. The house is clean, laundry is done...I am loving this Friday. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I will be finishing up our trip series...and then we will be back to normal life. I am not sure what normal is...lol...but it's a great attempt!!!


Michelle said…
Glad Caleb had a great week! Praise the Lord! Can't wait to see more vacation pictures and I too hope to enjoy the weekend.

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