Tennesee Trip Part 1

Our destination...above! This was the view from our cabin...on top of a gigantic hill...or may I say mountain. After 10 hours in the car, this was just beautiful to see.

Here were our two traveling companions, Barney and Diego. Who knew that one day I would travel with a purple dinosaur and a little Spanish boy...haha? Judah and William couldn't go anywhere without these two. They are very well traveled. So, on a pit stop in South Carolina, I made them known to the world that they were with us too.

We hit rain almost the whole way up there...when we got to the mountains it cleared up a bit. This was one of the views that we had on the way up. Since Matt and I LOVE the mountains, this made our hearts soar. It was so beautiful.

So close. I think this picture was taken outside of Asheville. We took a quick pit stop there to see a friend...who was not there...but that was okay. We got to see where they live and had some lunch.

Road weary travelers. After many movies, a few arguments and some laughs we got there. Matt took this when we were there just a few minutes. The fire was on, and our time there began. When we walked into the cabin, we all just screamed with excitement. We couldn't believe how nice it was. When you dream about a cabin, this met and surpassed all of those dreams. We couldn't believe that we were there. It was so beautiful! Notice that two of my kids (Matt and I were too) are wearing flip-flops...not exactly normal footwear for this time of year.


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