Tennessee Trip Part 2

I thought I would post a few pictures of our lovely cabin. Our little piece of heaven. This was a dream come true. I can't believe that we were able to do this, and to be so blessed with the most beautiful cabin ever. For those of you who are interested, check out http://www.cosbycreekcabins.com/ and you will find the company that we went through. They were totally welcoming every time you called, the cabin was furnished beautifully and it was super clean. And when one of the televisions didn't work the first night, they were out there in three hours to fix it. It was awesome!
This space was one spot that the kids spent a lot of time in. They loved the big jetted bathtub in the master bedroom. Every day Judah begged to have a bath with BUBBLES. We bought some bubble bath for the trip and we almost used the whole bottle. The little kids swam in it, splashed and had a good time. A lot of times I would fill the tub when they were in the outside hot tub so that when they came in the house they would jump in this one. I could have definitely brought this home with us.

Here I am the first night with William and Esther. I was tired after a long day, so I hunkered down in the beautiful master bedroom. The kids watched a bit of television and I coasted into dream land. The girls had their own suite upstairs and the boys had a futon couch that pulled out for them to sleep on in the living room. This cabin slept eight people, so there was more than enough room for us.

Matt snapped this picture so you could see the beautiful craftsmanship of the cabin. The cabin was only a few years old and it stood by itself on top of a mountain. There was a gate on the bottom of the hill that took you to the cabin on the top, after a crazy, scary ride up.

Here is the whole living room and dining room area. We had the fireplace running constantly and we spent so much time together here (as you can see Caleb made his own spot in front of the fireplace. He wasn't too keen on the cold weather ). It was lovely. We played checkers, cards and we put together a 500 piece puzzle. The main goal of this trip was to relax and we fulfilled that need.


Michelle said…
beautiful home away from home

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