Tennessee Trip Part 4

Though it's a little fuzzy, you can take a peek at how high we were on the mountain. This was our mountain for the week. The only souls up there (except for maybe a few bears). It took us several days to be able to spot it on the road, but we did. This was an awesome part of the cabin...we were totally isolated. Away from it all. No neighbors. This is just what we needed for our relaxation.

On the fourth day we headed up to Ober Gatlinburg. It was a crazy, windy road on the way up there. And boy, it was COLD. The wind was whipping and this was the first time I was a bit chilled. Since there wasn't any snow, except a bit of the man made stuff, there wasn't any skiing going on. But we did try out the Alpine slide. They got to go up in the chair lift to the top of the slide. Here is when Matt took Judah down. Judah loved the slide.

This is when the girls got down on their first run. Though they were a bit slow the first run (especially Esther), they loved it enough to try again. I think they were brave to try. Some of those people were coming down fast.

Matt took William up...all kids six and under had to ride with an adult. Matt kept them at a pretty nice speed, so they got to enjoy the full extent of the slide.

And my boy Caleb. He took ONE look up that hill and that was enough for him. He said that looks scary...and did he want to go down...with big eyes, "NO." So Caleb hung out with me at the bottom...watching all the sliders come down.

When we first got to the slide we just hung out for a bit....the slide was closed because it had ice on it. So, we took our one picture with the white stuff. Judah looks so happy in this picture :)

My favorite picture from the trip. This was taken outside the cabin. Caleb and Esther look freezing, and Judah and William took off their jackets because they got hot running around. Love this family.


Michelle said…
I love the alpine slide!! We use to go on one in NH as kids and I've always wanted to go back. The weather looked amazing, cool enough to run and get hot!!

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