Here is the evidence of me "carbing" it up the night before the race.  We headed up to St. Augustine on Friday afternoon and I had BIG plans to eat one of my favorite foods.  I love pizza, but I don't get to eat it much these days.  But it fit the bill that night...I went carb crazy. 
Here I am the next morning with the shirt that my husband designed for me.  I wanted to have something special.  It's been a special year.  It's been a fantastic year and I wanted to shout it out to everyone!!!  When I see this shirt it just makes me think that anyone can lose weight...if I can, then anyone can.  This story is a testimony to others that they can change their life today....TODAY!

 Here is my number.  I heard that 1300 people were running in all three races.  They were having a 5k, 10k and a 1/2 marathon over the course of the weekend.  I had only registered just the day before...I guess I am always afraid something will happen.  God is good.  So here is my lucky number...or should I say blessed number?
My dear friend Alison (cool name, huh)...made this for me.  I wore it proudly all day Friday.  She has been with me on this whole journey.  She trained with my for the 5k and has been cheering me on since then.  It's great to have such a support system. She has been there for me each and every pound...each and every run.  She used to be a marathon runner (who has now been running since I brought up the 5k program), so she has been a wealth of knowledge!
 We were up so early that morning. I slept horribly...I think I ran the 10k a  hundred times in my dreams that night.  I finally got up at 4:50 in the morning because I couldn't stand it anymore.  We got there at 6:30 right when the light was coming through.  I love this picture of the two of us...we both look so happy and light.  It's been an amazing year losing weight together.  God is so good.
 I snapped this picture at the 3 mile mark and text it to Matt so he knew where I was.  There is nothing like seeing your half way mark...from this point on you are headed in the right direction.  I felt so relieved at this point.  I knew I was on track in my time and that felt good. 
 My mother-in-law took this picture only moments after I ran across the finish line.  I love the expressions on Matt's face and the faces of the kids (not including Judah who asked me first thing, "what took you so long?".  They were so excited for me.  It was so precious. What a beautiful moment.
And then just me. Twenty-five weeks of training.  A lot of sweat and hard work.  It was such a sweet moment for me. I can't even explain how I felt.  There aren't any words for it.  Other than just totally appreciation and love for the Lord Jesus who saw me though every single step :)


Anonymous said…
Great job!

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