My Newest Favorite Blog

Every once and awhile I will tell you about a new blog that I have stumbled upon. Awhile back a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook and told me about this blog. She thought it would be really inspiring for me.  The blog is called and it's about a girl who lost 100 pounds and how she did it.  And she became a runner partially the way through her weight loss. And of course this has helped her weight loss tremendously...and slimmed her down like crazy. It's my favorite blog lately...she posts almost every day and she is totally REAL. A regular mom who battles the food issue.  If you go to her blog look back at some of her old posts.  It truly is amazing.  And I love her posts about running. It keeps me inspired and motivated to keep running and to keep losing weight. Her title says it all...she runs so that she can eat yummy foods cookies (or in her case, Peanut butter).  Check it out this week. You will love it!


SlimKatie said…
Thank you so much!! I'm so glad that you're enjoying my blog. I like reading other blogs for inspiration as well, so it goes both ways :)

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