Running Team

I snapped this picture yesterday...just the four of us.  William had pleaded with me for weeks to take him running...and then he started talking about running a 5k.  I didn't think much of it, but he wouldn't give up.  He was serious.  And when William has something in mind, he doesn't give up. So, I promised him that the week after my 10k that we would do the Couch to 5k program (it's the one I used to train for my 5k).  He would train to build up speed and endurance and I would use the time to sprint so that I could get faster.  Next thing you know, I have two more kids wanting to join.  So, yesterday the 4 of us headed out at 6 in the morning and did our time.  After the initial giggles and excitement they got into it.  They are fast. Much faster than me.  So, I will keep you updated.

 A family who works out together, lives long together!


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