Embrace the Camera

 Gosh, it has been a slow week.  Well, a rather fast week for me, but a slow week on the blog. I had many intentions to blog, but the days have slipped by me.  I just didn't want the week to go by without embracing the camera again. This picture is from last night when Bryn went to her swim banquet.  All dressed up with a place to go...lol. She did great this season, despite an injury or two.  We are so proud of her.
On Tuesday we had our first professional pictures done of our family. We have never met a photographer on location, so that was a lot of fun.  She already sent the pictures to us and she did a fantastic job. As soon as we get them I will post them for you.

Mia the pug decided to Embrace the Camera too this week.  My sweet girl. Don't forget to head over to Emily and see her crew.  Have a fantastic Thursday!


Jessa said…
beautiful family!

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