Embracing the Camera

 Matt and I took Esther to a local Food Truck Rally...yum, yum...what fun was that.  A special date...just us and our little Roo.  There is nothing like eating cupcakes from truck, lol
 I had to add this one.  Judah was in class the other day waiting to be taken to speech therapy and he was snapping pictures on my phone.  Not the best picture of me working away in my friend's class...but it was taken by my boy...so it's cute.
 Had to add this too.  It's been boot weather here in Florida...and I wait for these days. So, I snapped a picture of me and my boots.  It was the only way to keep my feet warm the other day.  We take each day that we get.  It has been a glorious week in regards to weather...no air running in the house...and just enjoying the outdoors!
Make sure you take time to Embrace the Camera today.  Get in those pictures with your kids.  Don't let time slip away...and make sure you stop by and see Emily.  She's a blast!


Emily Kate said…
Um so jealous, never pass up good food! Love the pics lady!

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