Embracing the Camera

That's me and my JuJu...taking a moment out to vote.  I always like to take a kid with me...and he was the lucky winner this year.  He was really proud of his sticker!
 We headed to the fair this past week...something the kids look forward to all year.  We snapped this picture before all of the action.  It turned out to be a great shot of all of us.
Matt and I taking a moment together to kill our pumpkins...for Thanksgiving dinner.  Really cute face he is making, right?
Just some random shots this week. Don't forget to Embrace the Camera.  This has been one of the best things I have ever done...one day our kids will actually be able to look back and see our life...with me in it.  Not just behind the camera.  Don't forget to see Emily this week too!!!


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