So proud of Bryn...

I realized recently that I haven't written anything specifically about my oldest child, Bryn. I usually have something funny to say about William, or my prayers for Caleb, but Bryn is my
special girl. She is the one who made me a mommy. Only 21 years old, married only one year and out comes this beautiful girl. I remember being in such awe of her and how God granted us such a beauty. It was just Matt , Bryn and I for a long time. It was fun just having one child. She went everywhere with us...camping, traveling, Walmart at 10:00 at night. Where ever we were, she was. Life changed a lot for her when Caleb came and only 19 months later we had Esther. She went from being only child to one of three in 19 months. That is a lot for any 5 year old to take on. And since then she is now the leader of this five pack. And what a responsibility that is. Not only does she have more responsibility than the others but she also has the burden of being the example for others. A long time ago, I read about this mother of nine who said, "Show the first born the right path and the rest will follow." I truly believe that. If she shows respect, they do too. If she gives grace, mercy and love then they do also. But the flip side of that is that if she shows hostility then they will also. The best part though which I remind Bryn about is that she also receives the double portion inheritance. God had it lined up perfectly. The more to carry, the more received later. It has been a hard walk for many siblings and also having Caleb with his special needs has been difficult for her. I know how hard it is to have a special needs child, but of course I am an adult so I understand and can rationalize everything. Being so young has made it hard to understand and be compassionate. She is changing and becoming more mature about the whole situation...I love seeing that in her. So, now for the real reason I wrote this. Our body is in a 40 day fast right now, and the youth are fasting on Wednesdays. Last week she fasted two meals and then stopped, but yesterdays she was able to fast the whole day and to be in her bible during meal times. I think it is a lot for an 11 (and 1/2, she would say) year old to fast. She understands why we are fasting and is believing with us. She almost stopped mid-day, but I reminded her about her commitment and how important it is to stick to that. So she persevered...she is becoming an awesome God's girl! She is pursuing God and seeking his face. She is looking to him for her destiny. I am excited to see her go into pre-teenhood...I am expecting above and beyond what I experienced as a teen. I am once again in awe of my beauty!


Superhero Mom said…
Sweet tribute to your sweet beautiful girl!
Anonymous said… beauty. I love her with everything weithin me. From the moment of birth and everything about her today, she makes my life worth living. She has always held a special place in her daddy's heart. There is sucha strong bond between us that I will never let die. She made me grow up at the early age of 21 (just a month into 21) but the eternal joy that she has brought so quickly replaced the temporary. Such has such a discerning spirit and is sensitive to the move of the spirit. She loves the Lord and I know she will continually love and serve Him. My love for her is unconditional and unending. I can't wait to see the woman she is becoming. Daddy
Superhero Mom said…
OK so I know I commented already. But I just wanted you to know that I tagged you in my blog today. Just a way to get to know you a bit better. It was fun and easy to write! Anyway, all of my readers will now have a chance to link to your little spot on this blog world. Besides you are a woman with much wisdom my dear friend. Anyway, it was worth it just to see your husband's comment to tribute to Bryn!

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