Oh what a night!

I must admit that I hate the time change...when you fall back. I have been up since five o'clock this morning...waiting for the night to be over. So, I came downstairs at ten to six, so why not post on the blog. Last night was Matt's cousin Laura's wedding. We have been waiting for the date for months. Bryn was chosen to be a bridesmaid, so we were excited for her. The kids had a wonderful time...we took them all. It was a family wedding, so they got to enjoy themselves. All of their cousins were there..I am posting pictures..sorry they aren't in order...I put them in wrong and I am too tired to correct it.

Here are the cousins dancing. Bryn and Caleb are swinging..with Carson and Esther boogieing down... I snapped this one of Caleb...he looked so handsome!
Here are the dynamic duo...William and Carson. Carson is his cousin from Texas. They were born on the same day, a half an hour from each other (William is the older and wiser one, lol). They get along so well...laughing, running and goofing off the whole time. I was talking to the two of them and I told William that Carson lives two whole days away in a car. And William responded, "we can drive really fast."

Here is my Judah. He loved being able to walk all around. He was quite busy all night. I think he ate ten cookies and a load of M&M's...his body isn't used to all that sugar, but one night doesn't hurt!

Here is my father-in-law, Bill walking along with Judah. He loves his grand babies so much! What memories he has made with them. We cherish the relationship our kids have with their grandparents...what a blessing!

Matt and Judah before the wedding. Such handsome men! Judah looks the most like his dad...identical baby pictures! So as we know, then Judah will be extremely handsome as an adult!

Here are my little arrows before the ceremony. All dressed up and ready to party!

My stair steps! They are so unbelievably close...they do everything together...play, eat, ride and fight together. I love their bond and closeness!

Here is the bridesmaid. So grown up and beautiful. I can't believe that she is only 11 (and a half, she would say). She is growing up so fast and she is quite a beauty.

Here are the bride and groom...Laura and Robert. May their life together be blessed with joy, peace and the love of the Lord!


Michelle said…
What a lovely evening and what a lovely family.
Although Bryn did not get my message about growing up- she looks like a young lady.

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