Eating from the bounty

Not quite...but I was thinking about that this morning as my kids ate applesauce that I had made earlier in the fall (I froze several batches)...and also they ate fresh blueberry and banana nut muffins that I made yesterday. I took advantage of a deal a few weeks ago and froze a ton of blueberries for the upcoming months...but I kept some aside and made the muffins yesterday. So, it is nice to eat from what you made months ago...the applesauce tasted just like apple pie, but without any sugar. Now I am off to start my school day...I will have to post my schedule, just so I can make you tired, lol. But just like I read yesterday...He gives me all the strength I need and in every situation I am content. If Paul can write that while he is in jail, they I can be content in my cozy house with my wonderful family. Blessings!


Michelle said…
Hmmm, sounds yummy! I say post recipe for applesauce.

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