Gratitude Friday

Long week is the name for the past 7 days...too many kids sick and way too much laundry. I think I washed 25 loads this week alone...and the kids barely wore any clothes, they were laying around in their jammies. But we are well now and ready to move on. Matt took the day off, and we are expecting a great weekend.

1. I am thankful for the granting of our permit yesterday...we start construction on Monday!!!

2. I am thankful that my kids are well!

3. I am thankful that the Lord healed me on Monday...I stood on the word and all my symptoms cleared away and I was able to care for everyone else.

4. I am thankful for funny faces, cooky smiles and loud laughs that my kids make.

5. I am thankful that he is faithful every new day!
*I am posting a picture of Caleb (hit the hardest this week from the virus) when he went camping last month.


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