Scenes From The Mall

Normally on Sunday afternoons we come home and relax. We try not to do too much...yard work is saved for Saturdays, and we plan the afternoon together. Well, yesterday we had a change of plans. Matt's new I-Phone 4 kept on losing it's audio capabilities. The closest Apple store is in Altamonte Springs, so Matt made an appointment at the mall for Sunday afternoon. We figured we could head over there after church and possibly do a little shopping...Bryn and Esther had Christmas money burning in their pockets.
Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah right. Remember we have five kids. And three of those kids are of the male nature. And these males really prefer dirt, climbing and playing rough with each other. They don't like to shop. Period.
First stop was the Apple Store for Matt's appointment. I found a comfy seat not far from the store and we decided to wait there. Well, Judah proceeded to cry the whole time that he wanted his dad. Though we could see him from our vantage point, that wasn't good enough. Thankfully, it took a whole 10 minutes in the store for Matt took get his new phone.
Then we went to various stores in the mall for the girls to look at things. The boys complained the whole time. We finally went with the girls by ourselves while one parent stayed with the kids. I found Matt taking the boys up and down the escalator. What a sight! We found a little kids play area finally, but Caleb and William were too tall to play. So it was only for Judah, which didn't sit well with the rest of the boys. We didn't stay long.
Finally, I was done. The boys were over it. The girls could have shopped the rest of the day. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, Judah started crying (the whole way home) that he didn't want to leave the mall. Needless to say, I can guarantee that this will be the last time the boys see the mall for about a decade or so.


Aleatha said…
sorry, but that is really funny :)

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