There Once Was A Girl, Part 2

So, at eleven years old God took this young girls heart. God took her and kept her from a life of craziness. He washed her clean, made her whole again. The situation didn't change around her, but it changed how she responded and what she absorbed. God took hold of her and loved her!
What a peaceful place to the loving hands of the father. His grace is sufficient for thee. Over the years, the young girl grew up. And around every corner he had a place for her. He would specifically found a body of believers for her. When it was only family to join her, just her going alone to worship. Friendships were made that would last a lifetime. God would put certain people in her life who would be able to dive deep into her spirit and start to open up wounds and bring healing to them. That's when the change happened. She started to think differently. New ideas replaced the old ones. She even met her future husband one day, and didn't even know it.
No longer did she believe that she could only trust herself....there were others to trust to. And God wanted more from her...not to be this independent career women. He wanted her to be a wife, a mother, a caregiver. All the layers came off...slowly. When she put her trust in Him, she became her true self. Not someone that was made up by this wicked world.
And now, she is a loving wife and mother...She continually seeks God's purpose in her life. He always has a higher way then her own thoughts. He has greater and more for her. She is amazed in the transformation that he performed. She is so grateful, to be loved by the Father. And now, she is able to LOVE!


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