From Surviving to Thriving

Esther made this little sign yesterday in celebration for the new year. Though we didn't stay up to see the ball drop, I can feel a change in the air. I feel like there is hope abounding...anticipation for the marvelous. I am feeling a shift in the atmosphere...from Surviving to Thriving for the Reynolds Nation this year. I am excited to see what God has for us!
Not that I am a big New Year's Resolution person, but I do have some personal goals that I want to reach this year.

*Continue with the weight watchers program-expecting a continuation of awesome weight loss.
*Take more time for each of my kids...individual time with each one. May it be a game, grocery store trip, whatever...personal time.
*I vow to do more crafts with my kids. This is a stretch for this non-crafty person, but I will take time to do this.
*I want to go above and beyond with homeschooling my kids. Fill in the cracks...make sure they get the best education ever.
*I want to be super thorough with my job as a Lactation Counselor. To reach out to the moms. Take more time for follow up. I want to see my numbers for the area to exceed health dept. expectations.
*I want to go away with my husband for one weekend this year.
*I want to go to the beach every week with my kids during the hot entertainment is the way to go.
*I want to have one garage sale. This will allow me to continue to streamline my house.
*Keep my house a refuge. Clean, organized and desirable to be in.
*Spend more time in the word and prayer...this is one of my first priorities. Especially the prayer faith in action.
*I want to have more dates with Matt...some just at home and some out. Take more time for us.
*Continue with he awesome changes that God was making in me this year.
*Jump in with the Dave Ramsey debt, more saved.
*Love more.

Here is Matt and I last night on New Years Eve. Sixteen years after our first date...Love him!


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