Got To Get One!!!

As a mom of five kids...working part-time...homeschooling veteran...and head housekeeper...I am constantly looking for things to make my life easier. Now, I am not talking about throw-away junk that can easily be replaced by hard work. Example: we discontinued using paper plates about a year ago when I realized I bought a package every week, which cost approx. $10.00 a month, $120.00 a year. Instead, I just wash plates with free water from my well. But there have been a few items that we have bought that I love and would rather not do without.
Enter: The Rice Cooker. Approximately $30.00. Cooks about four cups of dry rice, and will also steam your veggies on the top. You just pour your water in, put the rice in and press cook. Most days I put the rice in first thing in the morning and press cook 30 minutes before dinner. You can push a delay of five I can have it go on even when I am not home. The great thing about this cooker is that I do not have to stir you would have to do on the stove top. Press cook and open when done...light, fluffy rice ready to go. And since the cost is not astronomical, this is worth your hard earned cash for the busy family.


Michelle said…
Interesting I had no idea one even exsisted.

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