"Look At Me"

I have to document this saying, "look at me," before I forget. Our kids are growing so fast. The little things that they say or do sometimes disappears. But I can't forget this saying. It's from Judah. He has been saying it for about 6 months. It's hard being Judah. The littlest of the bunch...the end of the train...so he commands more attention than any of them. He talks the loudest...yells the loudest...and insists on my full attention....so he tells me every time he talks, "look at me." I think he picked it up from me, because I will tell the kids to look at me when I am talking to them about something important. I figure, he thinks the only way he is going to get his point across is if he has my full attention. I know it's a phase...he will grow out of it. I just didn't want to forget. Love this little man.


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