Cozy By The Fire

When we bought our "log cabin" style house, we thought how lovely to use the fireplace for joyful evenings...cozy on the couch, looking longingly at the beautiful fire. And yes, we have done that often the past eight years. But today it had a new function. We have kept a fire all day in the fireplace to keep the living room warm for the day. It's not a great functioning fireplace that will heat up the house...but it has kept our main living area comfortable...and I haven't had to run the heat all day. This is our second cold winter...if we keep on getting these we might have to put a special piece in the fireplace that will actually heat up the house. We will have to see about that...not sure how long we will actually be here. God may have other things in mind...


Michelle said…
I didn't realize there was a special piece to make a fireplace heat up a whole house. Sweet. Up north we always knew a fireplace was good for viewing not for heating :)

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