Favorite Things 1

So, I thought I would start a series of favorite things. My rice cooker was kind of the first one, so I thought I would continue....I love to talk about things that work well in my busy family. Please feel free to comment on some of your favorite things.
Let me introduce you to one of my favorite cleaning products. Now, let's remember that I am not into the latest cleaner, fad, extra super duper item that hits the market. I am very simple when it comes to cleaning supplies. I like bleach, Lysol, vinegar...the basic items. I usually get all stains out on my clothes (including grease) with regular dish soap that I wash my dishes with. It always works...even if it has been dried on by the dryer.
So, one day I left a partial crayon in my pocket that I had picked up on the floor from my kids. It landed in the washer and the dryer and got all over my husbands....WORK CLOTHES!!!! Dress shirts and slacks...with red crayon marks all over them. I noticed this after it came out of the dryer. I thought everything was ruined. I tried my faithful dish soap...and it didn't touch it. I tried some commercial cleaners...and it didn't help in the slightest. Then I googled (naturally, why didn't I think of this in the first place) what other people used. And this product...Oxi Clean Max Force Gel Stick kept on coming back up in responder's comments. So, I plunked down the almost $4 for this product (which is expensive in my book) and Voila...all the crayon came out!!! For $4 I saved over a $100 dollars in dress clothes. It was worth every penny. And then today, it got out butter residue that had leaked through a popcorn bag at the movies. My faithful soap got half of it out...but my gel stick saved the day.
Sometimes it is worth trying some new things...I only use the gel stick on hard items. First I try my soap (which is still faithful) and then I go to the gel stick. It was worth every penny...I just try to stretch the money as far as I can. Give it a try...


Cheryl said…
I swear by the Oxy Clean Max Force spray - it's saved Mike's church clothes. I will have to give the gel stick a try.

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