Idle Hands

So, I was sitting at the computer on New Years Day, quite happily sorting through the pictures on the computer. I was putting them in folders and downloading from my phone. I even was able to take advantage of a great deal from snapfish and ordered all my Christmas photos. While I was doing this, I had this thought in my head of, "why are you wasting time here? You are not using your time wisely." It occurred to me that since I wasn't on my feet moving around the house that I was wasting my time...being idle. I shocked myself. I was amazed by these thoughts. I was actually doing a very important task that gets put on the back burner all the time...especially since the laundry calls louder than picture sorting.

It dawned on me that as homemakers, we feel the need to be running around the house taking on huge tasks...though when we do these simple tasks they are just as important. And even if I was just on the computer looking at blogs or it all right for me just to relax? I figure with the homesteaders they had jobs like this too...maybe sewing, butter churning, quilting. All needed things to be done, just not monumental jobs that say, "Look what I did." My husband will notice that I scrubbed the floors or cleaned the bathroom...but I doubt he will know that I sorted and organized our photos. That's okay...each one is as important as the last.


wow... my husband never notices when i clean the bathroom. :)

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