Nurturing Their Talents...

Now, I must admit to the world that I am the least artistic person ever..I can not even draw a stick figure. It's horrible I know. I don't like to paint, draw or anything in those type of categories. The closest I get is probably scrapbooks...but that is easy compared to being artistic.
And then I gave birth to Esther. Who is incredibly artistic! Who has drawn some things before that I thought was done by my teenager daughter. She is always drawing, scribbling or wanting to do something creative. Not sure how I gave birth to this child....and other than the fact that she doesn't look like me one bit makes me question this! So lately, we have been trying to find avenues for her to be artistic...since I can not teach her with my own abilities. Yesterday, Matt bought her some special paints to make some pictures for his office (yes, she is that good)....and she did a fantastic job. We also have been finding little things for her to do so that she can use this talent. We also found a youth cake decorating class taught by an old friend of mine that will happen this spring...for $15 she will learn some basic cake decorating skills.
All these things are out of my comfort would be easier to mold her like me. But God made her different. We realized this at a young age when we would go shopping and she would pick the flashiest, most sequined full clothes. I love how God challenges us with different personalities for each of our children. It's good to keep open and pursue how they are different...even if it is out of your own personal zone.


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